I have created Many Puzzles/Installations for Escape Rooms.
Below is some examples.

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Touch/Proximity Puzzle

When all 3 sensors are hovered over or touched by any conductive surface (including hands) it will trigger a relay.



Place the busts in the correct position & orientation to trigger a relay. Created for Project Escape


Candle Blow Out Puzzle

Blow out the candles in the correct order and trigger an event. Fabrication by Evilusions


Single Scale Programmable Weight Puzzle


Scale Weight Puzzle

The user is tasked with placing the correct objects into each beaker. Sensors mounted at the base measures the weight of each beaker. It is until the correct weights exist that the event is triggered leading the users further into their escape! Designed and constructed by Evilusions.


Key Pad Lock

The user must put in the correct digits which can be of any length. If incorrect a failure noise is played. If correct, a success noise is played while triggering a relay. Designed and constructed by Evilusions.


Morse Code

Decode Morse code with this custom built device. It is capable of translating morse code into letters and numbers for people with zero knowledge or skill in how it works.

Morse Code with Trigger


Radio puzzle Hidden in the room is the correct AM station. When you land on the correct station a specific audio clip plays to lead you in your journey!

Door Knocker

The door knocker puzzle is a very flexible puzzle. It can be programmed to support any style of knock at any length. The speed of the knock does not matter!

The knocker was used in tandem with a magnetic lock. When the correct knock is used the door unlocks and opens itself.


This was a custom built installation for a local Escape Room. It is a fully working Piano that the users can play for fun. It is until the user inputs in the exact combination of keys (hidden in the room) will it trigger a success. In this instance the success releases a magnetic lock & plays a custom sound.

Breaker Box

The breaker box is a fully programmable circuit box. When the correct input is made a success light is turned on and a relay is fired triggering any prop, from a Light to a magnetic lock on a door.


In this above example, the breaker box is used in tandem with a Bingo board. When the correct circuits are made, numbers on the bingo board are illuminated.

Room Escape Timer

This is a custom built Room timer management system with the ability to communicate inside the room with text.