Escape Room in a conference room

A few months ago I was contacted by Brittney Coleman of DopeEgo. They build custom corporate escape events to be played in conference rooms. She needed a handful of portable plug and play puzzles... in a week! I scrambled to build some very neat puzzles with what I had in my shop.

Each puzzle supplies 12v power to the triggers, minimizing the amount of wires needed.

It wasn't until the event was over that I found out it was for IBM's NYC office. The event looked like a blast and I'm glad to have been able to contribute!

Looking to have an event like this held at your office? contact Brittney - [email protected].

Here are some photos of the event courtesy of Brittney Coleman:

Office conference room converted into an escape room

Portable Escape Room puzzles keypad and keyswitch

Escape Room conference countdown timer with keyswitch

Keypad Puzzle powering LED strips

IBM Employees playing conference escape room

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