Project Bug is a piece of projection software that was designed for use in haunted houses or any attraction that would require roaches. It allows the user to manipulate spawns of bugs around a single plane in real time. The bugs are generated with many random variables (size/speed/spawn location).

I built this in a handfull of days circa 2010. The project was abandoned and found rotting on my machine. If enough people show interest I will happily make more updates.



Windows XP+


512mb Ram+


  • space-bar (show & hide spawn letters)
  • Spawn Positions are saved after every point is moved.


Mac : project bug 8.1mb

Windows : project bug 2.6mb


How do I save?
Spawn locations are saved after every move.

How can I add/change x?
This program is very limited, If people show interest I will make improvements. I can also be contracted to make additions! Email me @

Can I use this for commercial purposes?

How can I save/export this as a video?
Use any screen recording software to record the animations. I recommend

Known bugs

  • Lone bug refuses to dissapear

last updated 23 March 2014

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