In case you didn't know, I'm big into haunted houses. I work for Fright Factory in Philadelphia and have done many installations for other haunts on the East Coast.

Recently, I ran across an old project. Back in 2010, many of my haunt friends were getting into video projections. They specifically wanted bugs to interact with objects around their haunt- some scenes with bugs eating food on a table, others coming to and from holes in sets.

In a weekend's time, I was able to build a prototype Flash program that gave me the flexability to manipulate spawns of bugs in real time. This allowed me to bring my computer directly to the haunted house, run the program, and position the spawns to work flawlessly within pre-built sets. I exported the final outcome and dumped that onto a video repeater.

Fast-forward to the end of the year, and the program was forgoten. Last month I rediscovered it and figured I would make it available to the public. If people show interest, maybe I'll dive back in and make some updates.

All of that said- I present you with Project Bug!

For Downloads & Documention please visit: