Tom Knabe Digital developer by day. Physical developer by night.

Raspberry Pi vs Brightsign

I have done much work with video installations, ranging from businesses to even inside private homes ! Today, however, I find myself faced with a dilemma. Whenever I am tasked with... »

Autonomous Tumblr: An Experiment

Tumblr is a microblogging platform with more than 300 million users. I have always wondered what goes into making a successful Tumblr & if I could create one. Furthermore, could... »

Chrome Extension : Etsy Sold Out

If you ever frequent Etsy you will quickly discover they hide the price of sold out items. I built a little extension in one night that will expose the price... »

Transworld + Blackout Haunted House

Transworld is a yearly haunted house convention held in St. Louis, Missouri. Vendors from all over the world come to sell, and every major haunted house is there to buy.... »

Interactive Paintings beta

Working on a custom installation using Arduino and brightsign powered, motion activated, living portraits. These characters will be in picture frames and interact with one another. It is a Really... »